Butson Family Newsletter
Issue Number 3
Spring 1981

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The entire issue is on this one page, so that you can search or print the entire issue. Here are internal links to the articles:
  1. THE PAST: The English Records: Part I
  2. Letters
  3. Register (Recent Births and Deaths)
  4. THE PAST: The Emigrants
  5. Where Are They? (More Returned Newlsetters)
  6. Butson Accomplishments

THE PAST: The English Records: Part I

These records are from the British Record Society's Index Library series, begun about 1880. Each pair of numbers, i.e. (66,79), designates the volume (66) and page (79). My abbreviations are:


  1. Country-wide: Prerogative Court of Canterbury
  2. Devonshire: Devonshire records at Exeter
  3. Cornwall: Calendar of Wills, Administrations and Accounts in the Connotorial Archdiaconal Court of Cornwall
  4. London: Calendar of Marriage License Allegations in the Registry of the Bishop of London
Butson References




The following is a list of known Butson emigrants, arranged by destination. For family emigrations, only the parents are shown. Let me know of any others or of more details on these.


United States Australia and New Zealand

Seven of those listed in issue number 2 have been found; 26 are still "lost". The 12 listed here are also "lost" -- can you send more recent addresses than these last known ones?


This is a continuation of the list in the first issue. These are taken from the National Union Catalogs for 1963-78 and pre-1956 imprints.

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