Čáslav to America
This is very much a work in (low priority) progress, so that information may change.

I am a descendant of Marie Nevole, daughter of Josef Nevole, both of whom came from Čáslav in Bohemia to Chicago in 1891. In researching this line, I was struck by the large number of people who came from Čáslav to America. So I have started this web page as a place to gather what I find, regardless of whether they are connected to my family or not.

For now, I am just going to order the list by surname, with the place that they settled in America (if known) and a link to the web page where I found the information. I am not being particular about whether they were from the city or the county of Čáslav -- if a reference says Čáslav, then I am including it here.

-- Wesley Johnston

Last updated September 10, 2011 - Nevoles in Nebraska and New York and more in Chicago