Wesley Johnston and John Butson's Early Butson Introduction Page

John Butson (of Devon) and Wesley Johnston (originally of Illinois, now of California) separately researched Butson family history over several decades and gathered many records. In 2011, we connected with each other and began combining what we had gathered and concluded. This web site shares what we have brought together.

This page is merely an introductory page, with links to the contents.

These pages are very much in a state of constructive flux. So there may be some glitches here and there, and many of the links are not yet in place.

John Butson's Wheal Butson Presentation Files

These files will probably go into the interpretation section eventually. However the web pages will not be updated for a while, and I do want to make these important files available sooner rather than later. So for now they are posted here.

In 2011, John Butson gave a presentation to the Devon Family History Society on Wheal Butson in Cornwall and the origins of the Butson surname at Blackborough, now part of Kentisbeare, in Devon. These are the files associated with that presentation.

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