Genealogy Research Tips for Google

These are research tips that work on Google searches. Most of these came from a Legacy webinar by Lisa Louise Cooke. -- Wesley Johnston

  • Requiring or excluding text
    • For text that must be included in the search, put it in quotes even if it is just a single word. (This used to be done by putting a plus sign (+) in front of the text.)
    • To specify words that you want to exclude from the search, put a minus sign (-) in front of the word. Any hits that include this text will be excluded from your results list.

  • Dates
    • To specify a range of years, use ... -- for example, 1920...1950

  • Semi-colon terms
    • link: - to find websites that link to the specified website -- for example: link:
    • related: - to find websites related to the specified website -- for example: related:
    • site: - to find keywords in a website that does not have a search box -- for example: keywords site:

  • Setting Alerts for searches

Last updated November 11, 2015