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Last updated April 18, 2002

I originally posted these in an effort to complete the transcription and translation that I had been able to do up to a limited point. Thanks very much to Frans Nieuwenhof for completing the transcription and translation. (Click here to see the actual discussion of the translation.) I am going to leave this page on the web for a while, so that people who are trying to do their own transcription and translation of Dutch family history records can learn something from it. Here is a link to another site with a transcription and translation of another Dutch-language birth record (in Belgium).

For those who are interested in the Bogaerts and Boezel and Simons families, Albert and Gerdina and Jan all emigrated from Holland to Holland City, Michigan (date unknown, but probably 1850-1870). Gerdina died there at Holland City in 1873 and Albert in 1880. Jan married Grietje Van Wyke (Van Wijk -- variant has never been fully established, since we still do not know where Grietje came from in the Netherlands) and they had children Gerdina Johaana, Martha (1877) and Albert (1979). I do not know what happened to this Gerdina. Jan and Grietje divorced and she moved to Chicago about 1881, with at least Martha and Albert and probably Gerdina. Grietje anglicized to Grace at some point. She married Bert Decker in the mid to late 1880's, and he adopted Albert, so that he became Albert Decker instead of Albert Boezel. Jan died in Holland City, MI in 1914. Grace died in Chicago in 1915. Martha Boezel eventually became my great-grandmother, and my daughter is named after her. So the Gerdina in the birth record below is my 3rd Great Grandmother. -- Wesley Johnston

Zevenbergen, Noord-Brabant 1802 - Birth of Gerdina Bogaerts

Brackets [ ] are used to complete abbreviations.
Den 22 Aug[us]t[us] ee[n] kind van Frans
Bogaerts en Pieternella Simons.
gen[aam]t Gerdina. Get[uige] de vader

The 22 August a child of Frans
Bogaerts and Pieternella Simons,
named Gerdina. Witness: the father

Klundert, Noord-Brabant 1842 - Birth of Jan Boezel

No. 2 Boezel Jan
In het jaar een duizend acht honderd twee-en-veertig, den dertiende dag der
maand Januarij,
is voor ons Burgemeester, Ambtenaar van den Burgerlijken
Stand der Gemeente Klundert, Provincie Noord-Braband, verschenen:
              Albert Boezel, oud vijf en dertig
              jaren, van beroep Winkelier,
wonende binnen deze Gemeente, welke ons heeft verklaard, dat een kind van het manne-
lijk geslacht, alhier, op den twaalfden dag der maand Januarij
dezes jaars, des namiddags ten vieren ure, is geboren in het huis
wijk B, nummer honderd acht en tachtig, van hem kom-
parant, en van Gerdina Bogaerts, oud negen en dertig
jaren, zonder beroep, wonende mede alhier, zijne huisvrouw,

aan welk kind hij verklaard heeft te geven de voornaam van Jan,
van welke verklaring wij deze Akte hebben opgemaakt in tegenwoordigheid van Johannis
Maclean, oud negen en dertig jaren, van beroep kuiper,

en van Pieter Heijboer, oud vier en zestig jaren,
van beroep winkelier,

beiden wonende binnen deze Gemeente, en is deze Akte na voorlezing, door ons met de komparanten

[Signatures] A. Boezel
J. Maclean
Pieter Heijboer

                            De Burgemeester, Ambtenaar voornoemd,
                            D. Korteweg

(as well as I can make it out so far -- quite possibly wrong)
No. 2 Boezel Jan
In the year One thousand Eight hundred Forty two, the thirteenth day of the
month January,
is come (appeared) before us Burgomaster (Mayor), Registrar
of the community Klundert, Province Noord-Braband:
              Albert Boezel, age thirty five (five and thirty)
              years, of profession shopkeeper

residing within this community, who declared to us, that a child of the male
body sex, here, on the twelfth day of the month January
of this year in the afternoon at fourth hour (4PM), was born in the house
district B number 188, of him komparant (see below)
and of Gerdina Bogaerts, age thirty nine years,
without profession, also living here, his wife

to which child he has declared to give the forename of Jan, --
of which declaration we have created this record in the presence of Johannis
Maclean, age thirty nine years, of profession cooper,

and of Pieter Heijboer, age sixty four years,
              of profession shopkeeper,

both residing within this community, and this record is after reading, by us together with the
komparanten (see below)

A Boezel
J Maclean
Pieter Heijboer

                            The Burgomaster, Registrar aforementioned
                            D. Korteweg

"Komparant" is a legal term, probably most closely translated as
"appearant" -- the person who appeared in front of the registrar.

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