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Last updated February 16, 2004
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Hesse-Kassel: Schaumburg and Faupel / Vaupel
Grossenenglis (Großenenglis) and Niederjossa
(also Gelis in Deckbergen and Hasemann in Beckedorf
in old Schaumburg and Schaumburg-Lippe, modern Niedersachsen)

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  1. Faupel / Vaupel
  2. Linkages of Niederjossa Vaupels and Grossenenglis Schaumburgs
  3. Schaumburg

PLEASE NOTE: There is a LOT on this page for which I have received new information. However, due to health and other commitments, I have not updated the content of this page since January 2002. The only updates that I have made recently have been to repair some links that were no longer valid.

Caveat: MapQuest has a bad habit of over-hauling their reference system all too often, so that you may find that a map link no longer shows the map that it is supposed to show. Please let me know if you find one of these.

Tips and a trick for dealing with the German language: Do I speak German? No. I studied German for two years in college, and I can stumble around through it fairly well. But I am not at all fluent -- nor anything near fluent -- in the language. You will learn that once you get the hang of the place names and the words used for vital records and relationships, you can understand quite a bit that is on genealogically-relevant German web sites.

And if you are really frustrated by a German web site, try this trick. Note down the URL of the web site. Then use your browser to copy some of the words from the web page, words that appear to be fairly unique to the web site. Then go to www.google.com, and paste these words into the text search field and click "Google Search". If the words you copied were unique, then the German web site will be at or near the top of the web site list that Google gives you. To the right of each web page, it says "[Translate this page]". Click on this, and you will get a rough translation into English. What is nice about it is that it continues translating the German pages that you jump to from links on the first German page.

Faupel / Vaupel

"Vaupel" and "Faupel" are variant German spellings of the same name, and both spellings may show up in the German records for the same person. They are both pronounced the same as the English pronunciation of "Faupel", although the accents may vary from the first to the second syllable. Another close variant, which actually shows up on some records of these lines is Vaubel / Faubel. And you can probably imagine a lot of other close variants as well. The name for any given individual in the 1700's was likely to be spelled in many different ways in the records that accumulated over the course of a lifetime. (It didn't stop with the 1700's: my surname of Johnston is very often mis-spelled as Johnson in the records of my own lifetime -- though not by me.)

The Faupel family to which I am related on the US side of the pond originated in Niederjossa in Hesse-Kassel. However, there are a number of Vaupel families in the area south of Kassel, so that they are probably all related at some point, both to each other and to my direct Schaumburg ancestors, who originated only about 18 miles (30 kilometers) away from Niederjossa at Grossenenglis (Großenenglis).

Click here for a map of Niederjossa (red star). If you zoom out one level, you will see Borken and Fritzlar: Grossenenglis is between them but not shown at this level of detail. Then click "Re-center" below the map and click on Borken, and you will see Niederjossa, Borken-Fritzlar (i.e. Grossenenglis) and Kassel all on the same map.

Contents of the Faupel Section (Click on an underlined section to go directly there.)

  1. Sites Specific to Justus Faupel's Descendants and Ancestors and Siblings' Descendants
    1. Justus Faupel's Descendants (settled mostly in Martinton, Illinois; Hazen, Arkansas; Fallon, Nevada)
    2. Justus Faupel's Ancestors
    3. Justus Faupel's Siblings and their Descendants
  2. Vaupel / Faupel Family Trees of Unknown Relationship to Our Line
  3. Research Discussion Boards
  4. Broad Genealogy Web Site Searches
  5. Various Niederjossa-Related Web Sites

Linkages of Niederjossa Vaupels and Grossenenglis Schaumburgs

Niederjossa and Grossenenglis (Großenenglis) are only about 18 miles (30 kilometers) apart. And as noted above, one Vaupel family was based in Fritzlar, only 3 miles from the Schaumburgs of Grossenenglis. Considering the ways in which families inter-married over the course of many years, it would not be at all surprising to find that these families are related by marriage through one or more other families. It would not really be surprising to find that there is even a more direct linkage within the area's Vaupel and Schaumburg families. The possibility of blood relationship does exist, but the common ancestor would be so far back that it would probably not be recorded, since records only date back to the 1700's (or 1600's in some cases). So the web links listed here are specifically targeted at finding Vaupel - Schaumburg relationships.

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