Josef Marek & Marie Wolf Origins
Vysoký Újezd & Lužce (Beroun)

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Marek, Wolf and probably Landa Origins and Churches
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Josef Marek was born in Bohemia about 1826 and died in Chicago in 1890 at age 64. He married Marie Wolf in Bohemia about 1846.

Marie Wolf was born about 1826 in Lužce (Beroun) [see obituary below], which is just 5 miles north of Karlstejn Castle. She died in Chicago in 1896. That her maiden name was WOLF is known from the death record of her daughter Klotilda.

So far, I only know the birthplace of one of their children: Josef was born 2 Jul 1854 at Vysoký Újezd, which is about 1 mile northeast of his mother's birthplace at Lužce. So I suspect that the father Josef was probably also born at Vysoký Újezd and that all of the children were born there.

Both of their death records place their arrival in the US at 1880. Joseph had been a resident 10 years at his death in 1890. And Marie had been a resident 16 years at her death in 1896. I have thus far not been able to locate their passenger records at either end of their voyage.

All of their children were born in Bohemia. These are the ones who are known. Bullets are included for Anna since she was married and had children in Bohemia before coming to Chicago.

  1. Anna Marek / Marková - Anna was tragic: the 1900 census showed that she had given birth to 7 children, all of whom had died.

  2. František/Frank Marek - born abt 1852 - arrived US 1871 with Josef aboard "Hayburg" (see below) - married in Chicago 1874 to Josephine Malik/Balik - died Chicago 1910 (death record and obituary do not give birthplace)
  3. Kateřina Marek / Marková - born 25 Nov 1853 - arrived US 1880 - married in Chicago to Petr Koutecký - died 15 Nov 1945 in Chicago (death record gives birth 25 Nov 1853 in Czechoslovakia)
  4. Josef Marek - born 2 Jul 1854 - arrived US 1871 with František aboard "Hayburg" (see below) - married in Chicago 1877 to Mary Kanak - died 1910 in Chicago (death record gives birth 2 Jul 1854 in Bohemia; obituary [see below] gives birthplace as Vysoký Újezd)
  5. Františka Marek / Marková - born ??? - known only through mother's obituary where she is between Kateřina and Emilie - so probably born 1855-1861
  6. Jan/John Marek - born Apr 1862 - arrived US 1880 - married in Chicago 1891 to Annie Tesinsky - alive in Chicago in 1920 but cannot find in 1930 (do not have death record)
  7. Emilie/Emma Marek / Marková - born Apr 1864? (date from 1900 census) - arrived US c1880 - married in Chicago 1896 to George McLean - alive in Chicago in 1930 (do not have death record)
  8. Klotilda Marek / Marková - born 26 Nov 1864? (date from death record) - arrived US c1880 - married in Chicago 1892 to Joseph Mikulecky - died 1962 in Chicago (death record gives birth 26 Nov 1864 in Czechoslovakia)
  9. Emil Marek - born May 1869 - arrived US c1874 [age 5] per 1910 census / c1882 [age 13] per 1900 census - married in Chicago to Jennie Cerny - alive in Chicago in 1910 (do not have death record and Denni Hlasatel index has no obituary) -- NOTE that his sister Anna had already come to Chicago by the time that he was born.
  10. Bertha Marek / Marková - born Jan 1872 (date calculated from age 18y 8m on cemetery records) - died Chicago 1890 unmarried (death record and cemetery record gives age 18y 10m born Bohemia [thus about Jan 1872] and Denni Hlasatel index has no obituary) -- NOTE that her sister Anna and brothers František and Josef had already come to Chicago by the time that she was born.


Loose Ends

As noted above, there are a number of the children for whom I do not have death information. I do not have the Denni Hlasatel obituaries of any of the family, other than the ones posted below for mother Marie and son Josef.

František, Emil, and Františka have been especially challenging. I was not even aware of them until I saw their names on Marie's obituary.

Obituaries of the Family with Origin Information

c 1826 at Lužce

We give this heartfelt thanks to all friends and acquaintances who attended [zúčastnili] the funeral of our dearly beloved mother, Marie Markova, and to accompany to her final resting place. Special thanks to our ?adopted nechť? Rev. Mr. Zdrůbek a moving speech in the house of mourning, and Mr. Peter Koutecky a speech at the cemetery, as well as Mrs. Stejskal for donating the beautiful wreath, and ?undertaker?, Mr. A. Linhart, dispatch the proper funeral. Finally, we thank all donors of beautiful flowers and wreaths, as well as those who in any way expressed condolences to us and tried to comfort us in our deep sorrow. SURVIVING CHILDREN.

Notification of death.

All friends and acquaintances to announce that inexorable death tore from us our dearly beloved mother, Marie Markova, on Monday, 27 April 11:30 PM at the age of 70 years. Birth was at Lužce, district of Prague in Bohemia. Funeral of the dear departed ?odbývati? will be on Wednesday, 29 April at 10 AM at the house of mourning 467 W 19th Street to the Bohemian National Cemetery. In silent sympathy asking
František, Josef, Jan, Emil, sons. Anna, Kateřina, Františka, Emilie, Klotylda, daughters. Peter Kotecký, Joseph Mikulecký, Sons-in-law.
Who would like to attend [zúčastniti], please ?leave the record [sign the register?]? in the house of mourning until 6 PM tonight.

Marie (Wolf) Marek Obituaries
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1854 at Vysoký Újezd
Death Notice

died 5 Jan 1910 at 4AM, age 55 years 6 months, born at Vysoký Újezd - in America 42 years - funeral 7 Jan 1910 from house at 7729 Jackson [now Maryland] to Bohemian National Cemetery -- wife Marie Marek -- children: Josef, Emil, Vlastimil, Jaroslav, Marie, Vlasta Hejda, Libuše, Blažena -- brothers and sisters: František, Jan, Emil, Anna, Kateřina, Františka, Emma, Klotilda -- daughter-in-law: Karolina Marek -- brother-in-law: Petr Koutecký -- grand-children: Josef and Otto Marek, Evžen Hejda

Josef Marek [1854-1910] Obituary
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Passenger Lists of the Family Arrivals
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1867 Sep 11 - Anna (Marek) & John Landa arrive aboard the "Atlantic" in New York from Bremen
Landa Family-Arrival-1867-09-11
Left page has ship information. Right page lists them:
John (26), Ann (20), Josef (9m), Franz (16), Wenzel (38), Caroline (34), Josef (9)
Note that this was a return trip for Vaclav/Wenzel, Caroline and Josef who first arrived in New York from Bremen 22 May 1865 aboard the "Hansa".

1871 Jul 26 - František (19) andJosef (17) Marek arrive aboard the "Hayburg" in New York from Bremen
Josef Marek Arrival 1870
Laborers - Destination: Chicago, Illinois

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