The Nevole Families from Čáslav to Chotěboř
Rodina Nevole

My ancestor Marie Nevole and her father Josef Nevole both came from Čáslav in Bohemia to Chicago in 1891, although he went back. In researching my Nevole ansestors from Čáslav, I realized that the Nevole families were a significant proportion of the population of Čáslav in the mid and late 1800's: roughly 10% of the houses in the town had Nevole births registered from them in the period 1873-1902! I then realized that the towns south of Čáslav, roughly to Chotěboř had even higher proportions of Nevoles -- and a great many Nevole records. So I began to gather the records of all Nevole parish register entries in this area and try to put together the different Nevole families to ultimately find out how they all connect.

This web page is intended to present all that I have found in the records, including indexes and extracts that I have made. This web page is not as up to date as my Subert-Nevole tree, where you should search for the surname Nevole to see the most up to date information. -- Wesley Johnston

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