The Nevole Familes of Čáslav, Bohemia
Čáslav Rodina Nevole

This is very much a work in progress.

I am a descendant of Marie Nevole, daughter of Josef Nevole, both of whom came from Čáslav in Bohemia to Chicago in 1891, although he went back. In researching my Nevole ansestors from Čáslav, I realized that the Nevole families were a significant proportion of the population of Čáslav in the mid and late 1800's: roughly 10% of the houses in the town had Nevole births registered from them in the period 1873-1902! So, this web page is intended to present all of the Nevole families that I have found in the Čáslav records, many of whom came to the United States, primarily Chicago but also New York and Nebraska. This web page is not as up to date as my Subert-Nevole tree, where you should search for the surname Nevole to see the most up to date information. -- Wesley Johnston

The Nevole Familes of Čáslav

A great deal of the following is based upon the Čáslav birth indexes in the web site. The later indexes include the house number, as well as the father's name. the records are in German up to 1849 and in Czech from 1850 onward. The information in this section is less complete than in the chronological section, since I have not been able to assign every birth, marriage and death to a family.

The records are presented in order by the largest families being first. For families of roughly the same size, they are presented in order by house number. It may be that some of these families are different generations of the same family that I have not yet been able to link up.

NOTE: The births for 1853-1859 do show house numbers but are not yet incorporated into the following families. And none of the deaths are yet incorporated into the following families.

Josef - House Number 65 (and one birth in Number 30 and one birth in Number 70)

We know from the Chicago obituary of Aloisie that the mother of this family was Josefa and from Aloisie's death record that Josefa's maiden name was "Venousek". All of the children were born in house number 65, except for (1) Kateřina who was born in house number 70 and (2) Jan who was born in house number 30. Antonín is added, since he appears on his sister Aloisie's obituary (as Anton), even though his birth was at a time when the house numbers were not shown in the index. Josef and Marie and either Kateřina or Aloisie came to America in 1891 after the younger Josef was born, but Josef and the younger daughter apparently returned to Čáslav fairly soon, with Marie remaining in Chicago.

Jan and Antonín and Václav (and Josef) - House Number 30

The first 1888 birth is a child, Jan, of Josef, who is also listed under house number 65, since he is believed to be of that family. The other three are children of Václav. All were born in house number 30. There seems to be a good possibility that this is the same Josef as in house 65 and that Václav was his 1873 son. But that seems unlikely, since that Václav's would only have been 15 years old in 1888 at the birth of Josefa. But the fact that the first two children had the same given names as the 1873 Václav's parents makes that idea impossible to dismiss without further evidence.

Jan - House Number 67

Jan is identified only in the 1880 birth, since the births prior to 1879 did not show the father in the index. Nothing is known yet about any of the members of this family beyond the births beyond the birth index entries.

Father not yet known - House Number 80

The father is not shown on the pre-1879 births (1874 & ). The mother in the third birth was the unmarried ("nem." = nemanželská) Marie. Nothing is known yet about any of the members of this family beyond the birth index entries.

Václav - House Number 81

Nothing is known yet about any of the members of this family beyond the birth index entries.

Antonín - House Number 25

Václav - House Number 112

These were apparently twins. I suspect that they were named after their parents, so that the wife of Václav was probably named Marie. Nothing is known yet about any of the members of this family beyond the birth index entries.

Single-birth Houses

The following houses had just one birth that I have thus far been able to document. The specifics of these births can be found in the church records section below. (I have found some more in the earlier records that did not have house numbers in the index, so that some of these houses now have more than one birth.)

Father not yet known - at Štrampouch - House Number not yet known

This information is from American records.

Čáslav Church Records in Chronological Order has indexes to the more recent church books and both indexes and actual images of the earlier ones. Since I am working backward, from the known to the unkown, I have not yet researched the early books. So the following information is entirely from the indexes of the more recent records (late 1800's and early 1900's, with some early and mid 1800's records included). The records were in German until 1849 and in Czech from 1850 onward. The Register and Page are where the actual record can be found. The AutoPublica book and page are where the images can be found of the index book page showing the entry. New 10 Apr 2013: Actapublica has added the 1832-1872 birth register images. So I am posting "see image" links to the images of the actual records as I research them.


Marriages - Nevole Grooms (the two marriage indexes cover only the years 1784-1859)

Marriages - Nevole Brides (the two marriage indexes cover only the years 1784-1859)


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