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Last updated June 18, 2000
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I'm sure there are other definitions, but to me: What is important is the physical and spiritual experience of the breathing and resonance and rhythm. The meaning of the words is less important -- and often not important at all. The words are more important as vehicles for the sound. Many times the chants are in foreign languages, and sometimes they are purely sounds -- in no language at all.

Here is a visualization of a Buddhist chant of 5 mantras:

I enjoy participating in THE NOAH PROJECT, founded by Doug von Koss, who continues as the artistic director. Here is Doug's description: We meet once or twice a month in the San Francisco East Bay, doing chants and songs from cultures around the world.

Here is a link to a blessing of spirit and of sound that I created for my niece Caroline and her husband Andy for their wedding.

Audio Sounds of Chants on the Web

Here are some links to world-wide chants. This page is growing slowly ... so check back later and there may be more links. What you will not find here are references to purchasing chant music; those are in a separate section below, although I may include some in this section if they have audio samples with them. I may also overhaul the organization of this list at some point, though I am satisfied with it for now.

DISCLAIMER: This is a music page - period. Music is the universal language -- a direct connection into the emotions. That's why you don't have to understand Italian to be deeply moved by an aria from an Italian opera. And where the emotions are invoved, people tend to deify their own preferences and prejudices. So take note: the inclusion or omission here of any religion or culture or language does not imply either endorsement or criticism of any religion or culture. If you think you are seeing an endorsement or criticism, then look in the mirror, because you are seeing only the reflection of your own prejudices and not any reality outside yourself. So please take responsibility for what is really yours, and don't send me e-mail about it. Any e-mail not dealing with the musical experience will not be answered.

Unusual Chant Music for Sale on the Web

Here are some links to world-wide chants for sale on the web. I'm not sure how this section will grow, but for now, I am limiting it to unusual sources, which means you have to search Amazon or Barnes and Noble or CD Now yourself. Note that these are not all exclusively chants but do contain some chants.

A Very Few Books on Chant

Generally doing chant is more important than reading about it. But here are a few books worth the reading when you aren't doing.

I Want to Chant!

So you want to chant. Where can you find a chanting group? I am going to put the answer to this on a separate page - so click here.

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