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Last updated July 11, 2006
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I Want to Chant!
So you want to chant. Where can you find a chanting group? I am going to concentrate on the San Francisco Bay Area in northern California here. But I will also include some links to other chanting groups or other pages that have chanting groups for a particular part of the world.
What Do I Mean By "Chant"?
I'm sure there are other definitions, but to me chanting is short songs, repeated over and over, usually done a capella . What is important is the physical and spiritual experience of the breathing and resonance and rhythm. The meaning of the words is less important -- and often not important at all. The words are more important as vehicles for the sound. Many times the chants are in foreign languages, and sometimes they are purely sounds -- in no language at all. So I am not going to be including choirs and a capella singing groups here. Their repertoire is longer songs, usually not repeated, except in having multiple verses. So you'll have to look elsewhere if that is what you are looking for.
All groups are open to all, unless otherwise noted.
  • Unless specifically noted as a group that I endorse, I do not evaluate any of these, since I am just picking up links off the web and do not have experience nor contact with the groups. I regularly (as my health allows and as conflicts between chant groups allow) take part in NOAH (Berkeley), Dances of Universal Peace (Walnut Creek), and Taizé Prayer Services (rotating in Concord-Pleasant Hill-Walnut Creek). So I can and do endorse those.
  • Note that if there is a web page with detailed information, I am not going to duplicate all of the information here but will provide a link to the web page that has the information.
  • If you find any of the links are defunct or if you want to tell me about a link to add, please let me know.

San Francisco Bay Area (California) Chanting Groups

PLEASE NOTE: I moved away from the San Francisco Bay Area in September 2003. So I am no longer keeping this page up to date, other than the NOAH Project schedule.

Chanting Groups Elsewhere in the World

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