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This page is intended to provide information and web links about the artist Esperanza (Perez) Martinez.

Esperanza was a master artist. Her paintings, watercolors and drawings can be stunning. She painted in various styles over the years, not in sequence but in parallel. Some of her paintings were in a simple style, some extraordinarily complex. I do not find all of her styles appealing. But her best styles rival those of the great masters. I had seen Rembrandt's masterpieces in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. His subjects' eyes and faces were stunningly realistic, but he was not so precise about their clothing. Esperanza's subjects' eyes and faces were equally realistic - and you could see the very weave of the fabrics: she did not stop at realistic eyes and faces. I first encountered her work at the 2012 Arte Americas exhibition in Fresno, California. Just seeing her watercolors as they hung nearest the entrance, I realized that this was an exceptional artist. This web page and the accompanying family tree are my way of honoring her memory. -- Wesley Johnston

Events in the Life of Esperanza (Perez) Martinez
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Click here for her biography and honors, written by her best friend Ramona Walker.
  • 10 Oct 1933 - Born in Tlalpan delegación of Mexico City
  • 1963 - "In 1963, Esperanza and her husband arrived in the United States" (Ramona Walker)
  • 14 Jan 1968 - Died in Hacienda Heights, California, of breast cancer - LA Times Obituary

"La Tehuana"
or "La Niña de Tehuantepec"
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This is, to me, a masterpiece. Imagine a blank piece of paper or canvas, and she turned that into this. -- Wesley Johnston

Untitled: Making Tortillas
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This is the last painting she completed. She left two uncompleted paintings when she passed away.
Some of the many works by Esperanza

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