Bryn Mawr School (Chicago)
Class of 1959 - Room 307
1958 Class Picture
Last Updated August 4, 2015
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Note that there were two rooms in the Bryn Mawr class of 1959. So this is only half of the graduating class.
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Row 1 (Front)
Left to Right
  1. Alan Wilens
  2. Julius Loeser
  3. Danny Marx
  4. Allen Anderson
  5. Wesley Johnston: web
  6. Ricky Rosenfield
Row 2 (Lower Middle)
Left to Right
  1. Suzie Newman
  2. Dariel Anderson
  3. Joan Newman
  4. Joni Jackson
  5. Patti Bell
  6. Sherry Barkin
  7. Nancy Marx
  8. Carol Apter
  9. Holly Ansell
Row 3 (Upper Middle)
Left to Right
  1. Stuart McKinney
  2. Ed Reingold: web
  3. Mike Levitt
  4. Roger Himmel
  5. Richard Christy
  6. Sam Haemowitz
  7. Robert Lehman
  8. Ilene Kaplan
  9. Susan McCullough
  10. Walter Schumacher
  11. Charles Rawleigh
Row 4 (Top)
Left to Right
  1. Marcy Baron
  2. Judy Wald
  3. Susan Sarfatty
  4. Irene Tischler
  5. Vicki Kramer
  6. Laurel Belkin
  7. Joan Kleppinger
  8. Marion Apter
  9. Dale Kushner
  10. Judy Baird
  11. Florence Loiben

The Bryn Mawr School class of 1959 went on to become part of the South Shore High School class of 1963.

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